Recommended Bankroll Management System

Whether you are a sports betting novice or a grizzled veteran, a disciplined bankroll management system is an absolute must to survive the inevitable ups and downs of long-term wagering. Bet Wizard can be used with just about any bankroll management system based on a solid mathematical foundation. However, this is the system we use and recommend to all Bet Wizard users and sports bettors.

The "Plateau" Bankroll Management System

Step 1
Establish a starting bankroll. Remember, scared money never wins, so only start with an amount you are comfortable with.

Step 2
Divide your starting bankroll by 100 to establish your initial unit amount.

Step 3
Risk 1 unit on bets with (+) vigs, and Risk to Win 1 unit on bets with (-) vigs

Example - If your unit amount is $100 and you are looking to bet a +250 money line underdog, you should risk $100 (to win $250). If you are looking to bet an ATS line such as -3.5 -110, then you would risk $110 to win $100 on the -3.5 line.

Step 4
Each time your starting bankroll has grown by 25% or more, divide the new bankroll amount by 100 to establish a new unit amount.

Example - If your starting bankroll was $10,000, then establish a new unit size when your bankroll has reached $12,500 or more, or $7,500 or less.

Step 5
Repeat Steps 3-4.