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Did you know that there are extremely profitable situations when teams on a 3 or more game winning streak are facing a team on a 1 or more game losing streak?

Not just in football, but in baseball, basketball and hockey too.

Furthermore, when the closing line moves against the team on a winning streak in certain sports, the profits get even higher.

Sorry, I can't tell you those exact situations right now. But, I can tell you that the reason I figured this out is by using my proprietary pick tracking software, Bet Wizard. For the last 8 years, I've taken 10 minutes a day to enter picks from 5 different objective to semi-objective betting systems I came up with. Using Bet Wizard, I figured out the strengths and weaknesses of each of my systems and saved them. Now, after I enter my picks, I simply wait for my phone to chime about 30-40 minutes before game time when one of my profitable situations arises. Bet Wizard monitors line movements as close as possible to game time and then sends a text message and email to my phone with the pick if my system pick has entered into a profitable situation. I've got about 30 minutes from there to find the best line and bet.

Does that process sound interesting to you? I'll be honest, I used to be a shit sports bettor until I built my software and spent the time to figure out where I was a prognostication machine. You can do the same starting for free right now.

By creating a free account you are taking the first step towards changing the way you wager on sports forever.

After you've built up your pick history to roughly 500 total graded picks it is highly recommended that you upgrade to the premium version.

As you can see, there is no option to sign up for the premium version of Bet Wizard for new members. That's because it takes a little time to build up your pick history, which is required to realize the full potential of Bet Wizard Premium. Until then, the free version will suffice.

Don't worry - I'll hit you up once it looks like you're ready to start reaping the rewards from a Bet Wizard premium subscription. I'm not interested in just taking money from my customers. I'm interested in helping my customers become better sports bettors.

Best of luck and hope to see you become a member soon.

-Matt Kendelski
Founder -

P.S. - For more information about the differences between the free and premium version of Bet Wizard please refer to the chart below:

Membership Benefits
Free Version
Premium Version
Bet Wizard General
Automated Pick Tracking & Grading
System Tracker
Basic Analytics
Lifetime Storage w/ Daily Backup
Bet Wizard Analytics
Personal Trend Search & Save
Personal Line Movement Trend Search & Save
Game Line Movement Trend Search & Save
Bet Wizard Automation
Line Movement Alerts (text & email)
Pick Alerts (text & email)