How it works / FAQs

CrushSportsBetting exists to make its members better sports handicappers and smarter sports bettors by using our proprietary Do-It-Yourself pick tracking and analytics tool, Bet Wizard. Consult the below FAQ to answer the most common questions about Bet Wizard and how it works.

Bet Wizard (General)

What is Bet Wizard?

Bet Wizard powered by CrushSportsBetting is an exclusive, do-it-yourself analytical sports betting tool that discovers your strengths and weaknesses and empowers you to make smarter bets, drastically improving your ROI. Simply start by creating a free account and starting to track your daily picks in all major US sports such as football, basketball, baseball and hockey.

How can Bet Wizard help me become a winning sports bettor?

It's quite simple, really. By taking a few minutes each day to track your picks on NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, MLB and NHL using Bet Wizard's simple intuitive web based interface with live updating odds, you build up your arsenal of graded picks. As your arsenal of graded picks grows, Bet Wizard finds your strengths and weaknesses and can actually be programmed to text picks your phone before game time of a pick that meets criteria you set to become worthy of a bet of your hard earned money.

Why does Bet Wizard work?

Bet Wizard works because it provides that extra edge that the vast majority of sports bettors will never have. Most people don't take the time to understand themselves, understand where they excel and where they quite frankly suck at betting at sports. Bet Wizard does all that hard work for you and helps you become a disciplined sports betting machine.

What sports does Bet Wizard work for?

Bet Wizard works for all major US and European sports. American sports include NFL, NCAA college football, MLB, NBA, NCAA college basketball, NHL, MLS and WNBA. European fixtures include England Premiership, Spain La Liga, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Italy Serie A and UEFA Champions League.

What is the importance of historical data in relation to Bet Wizard?

It's all about sample size, baby. Your results using Bet Wizard get stronger and stronger over time because as your history of graded picks increases, the stronger trends Bet Wizard can find in terms of your detailed strengths and weaknesses handicapping games. From there, using Bet Wizard's automation tool, you can have Bet Wizard text you picks that match your strongest trends and bet at your sports book accordingly.

Can I try Bet Wizard for free?

Yes, there is a free version that enables you to track your picks with automated grading, basic analytics & search tools. System Tracker is also included in the free version. We encourage you to create multiple free accounts to track as many objective or semi-objective betting systems as your curious mind can come up with. Objectivity and consistency are the key to your success using Bet Wizard. To register for free and start reaping the benefits of Bet Wizard, click here.

Bet Wizard (Premium)

Where do I set my phone number to receive text message alerts?

Expand the Stats & Settings section of your Bet Wizard dashboard and then select 'Manage Profile / Subscription'. The main screen will then contain a field to enter your Cell Phone number. We take your privacy seriously, your cell phone number is never shared with anyone and is only used for the purposes of Bet Wizard alerts.

How can Bet Wizard Premium help me become a winning sports bettor?

Once you've reached approximately ~500 graded picks with a free Bet Wizard account, it is recommended you upgrade to a Bet Wizard Premium account to realize the full potential of Bet Wizard. Once you've upgraded to the premium version, Bet Wizard automatically queries your graded pick history from thousands of different angles to help you discover your strengths and weaknesses. You can also run your own manual queries using Bet Wizard's Search & Save trend search tools, which is only available for Bet Wizard Premium users. Once you've saved your most profitable trends, Bet Wizard will track the line movement for each of your pending picks, and will alert you when one or more of your picks matches one or more of your saved trends. From there, it's on you to bet with confidence, knowing your selection is backed by historical success.

How do I upgrade to Bet Wizard Premium?

Please contact us directly to upgrade your free Bet Wizard account to premium. Yes, since you will be spending your hard earned money, we are forcing you to communicate with a real person via email to ensure you are fully educated on how to best use the new tools available to you.

What are Personal Trends?

Personal Trends answer the question, "What is my record when I pick X?". For example, "What is my record when I pick NFL Money Line underdogs on the Road between +200 and +300."

Bet Wizard analyzes your complete graded pick history, telling you precisely what type of picks are most profitable for you. Or, you can search for your own trends using Bet Wizard's "Search & Save" tool. Once a trend is saved, you can receive text messages when any of your picks match that trend using Bet Wizard's simple automation settings.

What are Situational (Team) Trends?

Situational or team trends are sport, league or team specific trends that are generated by querying Bet Wizard's game database dating back to 2010. Simply run a search and save any situational trend you find that you think is worth tracking for the longer term. From then on, Bet Wizard will track the record of that trend and also text you any picks matching that trend using Bet Wizard's simple automation settings.

What are Line Movement Trends?

Line Movement Trends answer the question, "What's my record when I pick X and the line moves Y?". Bet Wizard's Line Movement Trend "Search & Save" tool analyzes your complete graded pick history against the line movement in each game, returning the record for the parameters you enter. For example, you might want to know "What is my record when I pick NFL home underdogs on the Money Line between +150 and +250 and the Closing Line ends up less than the Opening Line by 25 or more (e.g. - Opening Line +150, Closing Line +125)"? Understanding how your picks do in relation to line movement is a huge step in gaining confidence in your picks when the line moves with OR against you and knowing when to lay off or wager.

How do I setup Bet Wizard to text me when one of my picks for an upcoming game matches one of my strongest trends?

After you have entered your picks into Bet Wizard, each of your picks is laid out in a grid with an "Activate Line Movement Trend Alert" check box next to it. If you check the box next to a pick, and that pick matches one of your saved line movement trends approximately 30-40 minutes before game time, then you are sent a text message containing that pick.

Bet Wizard (Free)

How do I make my picks?

Click Your Dashboard in the top navigational menu and then select 'Make Picks' in your Bet Wizard Dashboard. Game lines for the sport you have chosen will display on the right side of the page.

What type of picks can I make?

Simulated moving game lines are offered for all major US and European sports, including Money Line, ATS, Run Line, Goal Line, Puck Line and O/U lines. Lines update every 15 minutes to reflect the current market odds.

How are my picks graded?

All picks are weighted the same using a flat unit scale. For more information about pick grading, click here.

Where can I view my stats?

Expand the Info section in the Other Features part of your Bet Wizard Dashboard and click "Your Statistics". Your records and unit totals are broken down by sport, bet type and time period.

Can I upgrade from a Free membership to a Premium membership without losing my pick history?

Yes, simply reach out to us and we can upgrade your account.

What are systems?

Systems are used to track certain picks separately from your "regular" picks. For instance, you may start a system called "Best Bets" to track picks you make that you feel extra confident about. Or, you may start a system called "NFL Unders" to track a new NFL under system you've always wanted to try out. You may classify any qualifying pick as a system pick before final confirmation. By "qualifying", we mean for example that Bet Wizard won't let you classify an NFL pick under a system you created for the NBA.

How do I create a system?

Select Create A System under the 'System Tracker' section of your Bet Wizard Dashboard. Follow the directions on the page and you'll have a new system created in a jif.