*Chart DOES NOT include golf picks and reflects 1 unit WAGERED per pick (e.g. - RISK to WIN 1 unit for (-) vigs, RISK 1 unit for (+) vigs)

Why Choose CrushSportsBetting?
There are literally hundreds of sports picks & handicapper services available on the market today. But, how do you know which ones are legit and actually WIN? And, even further, what is a reasonable price to pay for consistent winning sports picks? Look no further than proven winning selections from CrushSportsBetting.

Hi - my name is Matt Kendelski and I am the founder of CrushSportsBetting and creator of Bet Wizard, do-it-yourself pick tracking software that uses a combination of analytics and automation. I have been tracking numerous systems since 2014 using Bet Wizard and have discovered highly profitable situations where my systems consistently excel season after season. In fact, a $500 per wager bettor would be up over $75,000 since 2014 following each one of my selections generated through Bet Wizard (which doesn't even include golf.... but more about that later).

I pride myself on absolute transparency and building trust with my customers. All of my historical picks reflected in the chart above are time stamped and fully documented for even the biggest of skeptics out there. But, don't just take my word for it, all you need to do is ask and I'll be happy to provide the evidence of my historical success.

Here's some recent success examples for GOLF picks, not included in the graph above, which comprises about 50% of my overall selections per year...

February 9th, 2019 - $2,812.75 WIN
2 Ball - 6 golfer parlay

February 26th, 2019 - $4,050 WIN
1st Round Leader

February 27th, 2019 - $2,111.24 WIN
2 Ball - 6 golfer parlay

March 6th, 2019 - $3,952.19 WIN
3 Ball - 4 golfer parlay + straight singles

March 10th, 2019 - $4,900 WIN
Tournament Winner

April 14th, 2019 - $2,561.63 WIN
3 Ball - 4 golfer parlay

May 1st, 2019 - $10,608.51 WIN
3 Ball - 4 golfer parlay

If you're struggling to win on a consistent basis, or even if you've been moderately successful betting sports, true sports bettors know that you can always use an additional edge. Picks from CrushSportsBetting are the perfect complement to your own handicapping methods with friendly pricing that puts the public domain "pros" to shame.

Receiving my sports picks is as easy as apple pie. All you need to do is choose an affordable weekly, monthly or quarterly plan, complete your registration and wait for your phone to chime. When a pick is generated you are notified via text message and/or email, whichever methods you prefer, approximately 30-40 minutes before game time.

IMPORTANT: Golf picks are not generated through Bet Wizard and are typically sent the night before a round begins.

You can confidently bet each of the picks blindly or compare them to your own selections and wager accordingly.

However you choose to use them, picks from CrushSportsBetting are the perfect addition that you can use to dominate your sports book.

Support is only an email away for all of my customers, whether you need help with money management, or have any questions at all about how to profit most from a CrushSportsBetting sports pick subscription.

Don't waste anymore time and become a member today!


Matt Kendelski
Founder -
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